Babak Mansoori Senior Management & Marketing Consultant Questionnaire Form Babak Mansoori Senior Management & Marketing Consultant Questionnaire Form Babak Mansoori Senior Management & Marketing Consultant Questionnaire Form



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Project Implementation

Market Research

I, Babak Mansoori, will be by your side to advance your goals

Today’s world of business and trade has its own delicacies and complexities and success cannot be achieved if this is overlooked. There are many instances of companies and individuals that have entered the market with various levels of capabilities and capital only to find themselves unsuccessful or enjoying temporary success. What is the key to long-term success?

This website helps you to get a grasp on such delicacies, and by providing you with an awareness of business problems, helps you to realize your goals and, ultimately, succeed in your business.

Are you indecisive about developing your company or factory? Are you still doubtful about launching your own business or industrial production? Or, do have trouble creating your distribution and sales network?

Have you considered simultaneously developing and equipping machinery and production lines, promoting your brand, and meeting the prerequisites of the sales organization?

If you have doubts about these matters or have trouble running your business smoothly, we are here for you.

Success in the commercial market is not a chance, it requires expertise.

Planning and conducting in-person and out-of-person sales, planning sales strategies, and planning and execution regarding participation in relevant domestic and foreign exhibitions
The management of the sales, marketing and business staff is all the result of years of experience and expertise at your service.

Customer Satisfaction

Babak Mansoori will be by your side in providing what services

Defining and establishing a sales organization in line with the company’s activities

Defining and creating a trading name (branding)

Training the staff and employer to efficiently perform sales and marketing processes

Preparing and regulating sales budget (short-term and long-term sales plans)

Developing sales strategies (sales and pricing methods)

Participating and collaborating in the analysis of marketing mix elements (4p)

Developing, regulating, and implementing advertising campaigns (for current and new products)

Monitoring target market customers directly and indirectly

Creating a distribution and sales network (sales organization)

Organizing a customer service unit

Conducting market research and presenting analytical reports regarding failure in achieving goals along with the respective analysis

Presenting a quantitative and qualitative improvement plan based on scientific/practical market research reports

Collaborating in creating the website, application, packaging design, and catalogs, attending exhibitions, and other promotion-related activities

Providing advice for the CEO and the board of directors on the above subjects at the macro and micro levels

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